PawsBiome Pet qPCR DNA Gut Test

Focus on different pets specific symptoms

Suitable for dogs and cats

Focus on pet gastrointestinal toxins, gut microbiota, and skin irritation

Assessing the gastrointestinal health of pets

Perform quantitative DNA testing on specific gut bacterial strains in pets,
followed by data analysis to assess the gastrointestinal health of pets.


Collection instruction

Probiotics recommendation

Expert suggest the choice of probiotics


1. 所有檢測報告均由註冊醫務化驗師核對及簽發。
2. 為保障客戶隱私,我們僅在獲得客戶明確同意後才會使用數據進行研究。在使用數據進行研究時,
1. All reports are validated and issued by a registered medical laboratory technologist.
2. To ensure the protection of our customers’ privacy, we solely utilize data for research purposes only upon receiving explicit consent from them.
     During the process of utilizing data for research, all personally identifiable information will be thoroughly deleted, and no records will be retained.
     (For further details, please view the Research Consent.)